Dzianis Ramaniuk works on his projects in cooperation with the UN, the World Bank, the OSCE, Lithuanian, American, German and Irish diplomatic missions, as well as such companies as MTS, Sosedi, Milavitsa, Belgosstakh, BTA Bank, Bosch, Siemens, Glassbel, Belatra, Triple, Belrosbank, EnergaPro, Beleximgarant, Belkoopstrakh, Altiora, Beltechexport, etc.

As designer, photographer and publisher Dzianis Ramaniuk works with BelSwissBank, Beltelecom, British American Tobacco, Bosch, Siemens, Velcom, Minsk Grape Wine Factory, Delloite & Toush, Volvo, BelOil, Beltechexport, Triple,  ТC Bank, RRBank, Ista  and other companies. He has created for them over a hundred products, ranging from original calendars, corporate annual reports, logos, promotional brochures to deluxe postcards.