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From the author’s introduction to the album:
“The mirror of a lake, a sunlit path, a river flowing, morning dew, mist, a glistening brook, rain, the first snow… The taste of water in your cupped hands when you hold your breath, lips eagerly touching the surface of the water as it rises from the spring… Anxiety in a girl’s blue eyes… Everyone knows these symbolic images. Evoking them makes you feel happy. Dreams and memories begin drifting in your mind, like ice on a river. The flow of imagination takes you back to when you were young, to the places where you went swimming, paddled a kayak down a river with friends, went fishing and rowing. In your mind’s eye you can see a well in the yard of your granddad’s cottage, a pond in the garden and a lake in the forest. These images would be impossible without that all-important element, water. It rages or gently laps against the shores of God’s unique creations on the Earth. This book is about their beauty.”

One book gives you a chance to make an exclusive journey in search of ‘the blue treasure’. 305 photos taken from land, water and even the air show what lakes and rivers look, both as we know them and hidden from the human eye. Their pictures offer a wonderful opportunity to admire the inimitable splendour of Belarusian nature. Belarus the Blue-Eyed does more than just give a glimpse of the treasures of the country’s nature; the album has immortalised their volatile beauty for future generations. It can be an excellent guide, reference book or gift.
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