Dzianis Ramaniuk has compiled and published the following books: Belarus (2002, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010), photo albums Belarus (2003), Chernobyl (2006), and My Path Belarus (2008, 2010) and Belarus the Blue-Eyed (2012). He has also prepared for publication and published some books by other authors, including Belarusian Crosses (2000) and Belarusian National Dress (2003) by Michas Ramaniuk and an album by Ihar Barchatkoŭ (2003).

Dzianis Ramaniuk has taken part in over fifty exhibitions of photography and drawings. Among them were solo exhibitions in the Bundestag in Berlin, in the city council of Vilnius, at Cambridge and Oxford Universities, at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Minsk, The National History Museum of Belarus, The Lithuanian Cultural Foundation, and The National Library in Tallinn. He also presented his works at joint exhibitions at the UN Headquarters in New York, The National Library of Belarus,The Vilnius Art Academy, the State Art Gallery in Lodz, Warsaw University in Poland, the Palace of Art in Minsk, The Arka and The Nova galleries in Vilnius and Minsk, respectively.

Dzianis Ramaniuk’s graphic works and photos are housed at the Contemporary Pictorial Art Museum in Minsk, the National History Museum of Belarus, UNESCO Lithuanian National Commission, the Religious History Museum in Horadnia, The State Art Gallery in Lodz, The Old City Restoration Agency in Vilnius, etc.

Дзяніс Раманюк. Выдавец
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